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Spaces & Computers

Use D!BS! to reserve a library study room:

Welcome to the Wahlstrom Library at the corner of Park Ave. and Linden Ave. near the beautiful Seaside Park.  Due to COVID-19, use of the library has changed for the time being.

Enter the building from Linden Ave. to the Garden Level or to the First Floor from the Park Ave. side of the building.  You will need an ID card to enter the building.  Only staff, faculty and students are allowed in the library at this time.  Each floor has a capacity of 45 people.

Printing is hands free on the 1st floor of the library at the Information Desk.  Send your print job to the printer from any personal device by going to Webprint.  Before you can print in the library, go to and find your Card ID.  If this field is blank, enter the 7 digit number appearing on the bottom right on the back of your ID card without a barcode.

An image of where to find the card ID number

At the Information Desk, waive your ID card in front of the printer card reader and all of your print jobs will spit out.  If you want to avoid the popular 1st floor, you can also pick up print jobs on the 4th floor. The printer on the 4th floor should also be used if you want to scan or photocopy. If you are only picking up a print job, please exit the library through the front stairwell.

If you need to buy something from Donut Crazy or get to the stairs, you do not need an ID card.  To enter the main part of the 1st or 4th floors of the library, stop at the Welcome Desk and have the long barcode on the back of your student ID card scanned.  This will help with contact tracing.

An image of where the long bardcode on your ID is located

When walking through the library, please practice social distancing and properly wear a mask.

When sitting at Library Study Tables, please sit one person per table.  Exceptions can be made for roommates and/or housemates.

When sitting at Study Tables, please wear your mask.

Many library computers are not operational to keep patrons a safe distance from one another.  Please practice social distancing and always wear a mask when using a library computer.  Additional computers on the 3rd floor can be reserved through the room reservation system.

Study Rooms should be used for individual study or to collaborate with a group using your laptop computer and Zoom or Teams. 1 person at a time should be in the study rooms. Exceptions can be made for roommates and/or housemates.

Feel free to say hello to friends, but please follow the CDC guidelines.

There is one person at a time working the 1st Floor Information Desk due to COVID-19 recommendations.  Please wait 6 ft. back until the staff member is available.  An additional staff member is available at the entrance to the 4th floor.

Please do not eat or drink in the library during the pandemic as it requires removal of your mask. Eating and drinking is allowed on the patio outside Donut Crazy.

When you are ready to leave the 1st, 3rd, or 4th floor of the library, please exit through the back entrance on the side of the building where Park Ave. and Linden Ave. meet.  These doors used to be alarmed, but we’ve turned off the alarms so everyone can enter and exit without passing too closely.

Much of the Library furniture has been moved to the back corner of the library.  Please do not move library furniture.

The 1st Floor of the Library can be crowded.  To reduce the number of people on the 1st floor, use the 4th floor to study or print.

You can also use the library’s 3rd floor, just make a reservation before you leave for the library.  The 3rd floor has computers, study tables, the stacks, and printing including color printing.