Library Spaces

The Wahlstrom Library consists of the 1st 4 floors of the Wahlstrom Library Building, at 126 Park Avenue.  In general, the floors become quieter as you go up.

First Floor


This floor is very busy and can be very noisy.

Second Floor


Library Administration Offices /IT / Special Collections.   This floor can be noisy too.

Third Floor

The Third Floor contains:

  • The print book collection
  • Two self checkout machines
  • Individual study corrals
  • The Reflection Area
  • The Adaptive Technology Room

This floor tends to be a bit quieter than the 1st or 2nd floors; there is a Quiet Study Area on the right-hand side of the floor (as you exit the elevator). This floor is open the fewest number of hours because it is not staffed.

Fourth Floor

The Fourth Floor is the QUIET STUDY FLOOR and also Contains:

This floor is the quietest floor of all - no conversations allowed above a whisper, no phone use, use headphones with your computer to avoid making noise.  The first and fourth floors have the longest hours.