Library Spaces

The Wahlstrom Library consists of the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors of the Wahlstrom Library Building.  Each floor is for academic purposes, and in general, the floors become quieter as you go up. The Student Center, Knights End, and the Hub are for hanging out, eating a meal, or having fun with friends or classmates.

The 1st Floor of the Library is for group study and meeting with your classmates to work on a group project or assignment. You can book a study room if you need to share a lot of conversation or sit at one of the study tables if you and your group will be studying using moderate-level conversation. Snacks are allowed while studying in the library, however odorous or noisy food and large, hot meals should be eaten somewhere other than the library.

The 3rd Floor of the Library is for individual study, working on a computer, or quiet study between 2 or 3 students. Conversation should be quiet and academic. The librarians are available to assist with research assignments. Odorous, noisy food or hot meals are also not allowed on the 3rd or 4th floor of the library.

The 4th Floor of the Library is for silent, individual study only. Students travelling to the 4th floor rooms should be mindful as they travel through the silent study area.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in maintaining the quiet environment some students need to study and learn.

First Floor

  • 6 group study rooms
  • The Bigelow Discovery Pavilion
  • 32 desktop computers
  • 9 Email To Go Computers
  • 3 Resource To Go Computers
  • 2 printer/copier/scanners
  • 20 student loaner laptops
  • Café SCRIBE
  • The onsite I.T. Help Desk

Third Floor

  • The Print Book Collection
  • 2 self checkout machines
  • Desktop computers
  • The Reflection Area
  • The Librarian and Library Technical Team Offices

This floor is open fewer hours because it is staffed.


  • The Print Journal collection
  • 4 Group Study Rooms
  • The Anatomical Model Room
  • Room 410
  • Room 416: the Adaptive Technology Room