Information Instruction Literacy Resources

YouTube Videos

Below are a series of YouTube videos that cover Information Literacy concepts as well as specific instructions on how to locate and access different types of sources in the Wahlstrom Library. They can be found on the Wahlstrom Library YouTube channel, and are embedded into our website within relevant pages. Most of these videos are in the 1-4 minute range which makes them quick and easy to view. These videos can be played during an in-class session or embedded within Canvas. If you would like students to view multiple videos, you can create a playlist which plays them one after another. Here is a link on how to create a playlist, please contact a Librarian if you would like assistance with this process.

We are always creating new YouTube videos, so if you do not see a video for a topic that you would like covered, please contact a Librarian.

Subject Headings
Primary vs Secondary Sources
The Information Cycle
Field Searching
Boolean Operators


Here are PDFs of 30 different handouts that are available to students on the first floor of the Library; they cover a large range of Information Literacy topics in a brief but thorough manner. They are bi-fold and easily printable if you have a printer capable of double-sided printing. If your department does not have a printer capable of this, the Print and Mail Center offers this service. If you have an assignment where understanding the difference between primary and secondary sources is important, you may want to print out that handout and distribute it in class. If you want to ensure students understand the basics of APA formatting, sending them home with the APA handout is an excellent way to not only give them the basics, but make them aware of where more detailed information can be found on the Library website.

As I have said regarding the YouTube videos and other content available, if you have an idea for a handout that we do not currently provide, please contact a Librarian.

Research Skills

Citation Skills

Evidence-Based Medicine Skills

Citation Guides

On our website we offer detailed guides on how to properly format papers using APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago citation styles. These pages are found in the Citations section of Research Fundamentals. We have also created PDFs of these guides in case you want to print them out and provide them to students, or upload them as files to your Canvas classroom. The links below are for the PDF versions.

Research Fundamentals Guide

Research Fundamentals is where we provide a broad but detailed look at many of the essential Information Literacy concepts students need to succeed in higher education. Sections include information on how to identify and evaluate the best sources, how to find specific sources such as books or articles, what search tools and strategies students have at their disposal, and how to create citations in a number of citation styles. Each page includes text accompanied by screenshots and other visuals, and many pages include YouTube videos as well. We have tried to structure our content to resemble the general process of a research paper in the hopes that students use Research Fundamentals throughout a given research assignment, or to help them understand a specific aspect of one.

Please feel free to provide students with instructions on how to access this section of our website, especially if you have a research-intensive assignment. If you have suggestions on additional content we can provide, or how we can improve existing content, please do not hesitate to let us know.