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Information Literacy

We have created a number of YouTube videos, handouts, and other resources that can be uploaded to Canvas classrooms or integrated into instruction. All of them can be found and accessed on our Information Literacy Instruction Resources page. The Reference & Instructional Librarian team can work with faculty in a number of ways to incorporate Information Literacy into their course. When considering working with a Librarian here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The length of an in-class presentation is flexible. A Librarian can visit your class for 15 minutes, or present for multiple classes. One option, if in-class time is minimal, is that we can supplement in-class instruction with YouTube videos or other online content we have available.
  • We can even work with your students without taking any class-time at all. For example, let’s say you have a research paper that needs to be formatted using APA style. You could have a first draft be due on a specific date, after which they need to schedule an appointment with a Librarian to go over that paper. We can help them evaluate their sources and determine whether they need to do any additional research, and we can check their APA formatting and help them make any changes that they need. This gives us a chance to work with your students and provide some basic information literacy instruction, without taking up valuable class time.
  • You can be as specific as you like in what topics we cover. We can also center the presentation around a specific research assignment your students will be doing. When information literacy content is more obviously relevant to their needs, students pay more attention and comprehension increases.
  • If you would like to bring your class to the library to find/checkout physical materials, please let us know (even if you don't require a librarian to talk with them) so that we can be ready to help searching students if needed.

These are just a few things to consider when deciding to work with a Librarian. Overall, we want to emphasize the flexibility in what we can provide, and how we can provide it. If you would like to set up an information literacy session, please call 203-576-4747 or e-mail

Resources for Your Class Readings

It's entirely possible that a required or suggested reading that you have in mind for your class may already be in our collection, especially our extensive electronic resources. If so, it would be easy to embed a link to it into your class's Canvas page.

Please note that, should you desire to have your class read a resource that turns out to be available from the Wahlstrom library via one of our 'pay per view' services, it can be arranged that the entire class have access to it without each individual needing to download it separately.  Please contact Deborah Dulepski at or 203 - 576 - 2388 for more information on how this can be set up.

If you would like some assistance in double-checking Wahlstrom Library resources as you assemble your syllabus, and/or would like some additional suggestions for possible readings in a specific topic area from our librarians, feel free to contact us at

Loaner Laptops for Faculty

The Academic Technology Services (A.T.S.)/I.T. departments currently make available loaner laptops for faculty & staff.  The Library, having more hours and a checkout system, checks these out to university employees with University of Bridgeport I.D. cards at the first floor Information Desk.  Laptops are due back within 24 hours.  We cannot hand faculty laptops to your graduate assistants.  Please note that loaner laptops are wiped clean at logoff, so do not save work on these computers. If you have any questions about the laptops, or need a laptop for a longer term, please contact the I.T. Dept. at ext. 4538.

Course Reserves

Putting physical items on reserve
  • If you would like to place an item owned by the library on reserve for an upcoming course, please use the Wahlstrom Library Reserve Collection Processing Request online form.
  • If you would like to place a personally owned item on reserve, please bring the item to the 1st floor Information Desk and fill out the above form.
  • The Library does not place textbooks or content the entire class is required to read on reserve.  An exception can be made the first week of the semester if a book is not yet available in the bookstore.  A photocopy of the first reading can be placed on reserve as long as it is within Copyright Guidelines.
Uploading Articles and Book Chapters to Canvas

It is possible to embed links to articles and ebooks accessible through OneSearch and the Library databases in Canvas course shells.  For assistance, contact a Librarian at 203-576-4747 or email  To digitize and upload an item not available in the University of Bridgeport Digital Library to a Canvas course shell, please contact Deborah Dulepski at 203-576-2388 or

Open Access Resources - Free Textbooks, Videos and More

One way to reduce the high cost of college textbooks, encouraging class enrollment and program success is to explore Open Access Textbooks.

Don't want to use Open Access textbooks, but you'd like some suggestions on suitable texts/articles for your class's syllabus from the library collection? Or, might we already have access to the full-text of an article or a book/book chapter that you'd like to assign as a required or suggested reading? Reach out to your school's subject librarian for more information.


Please contact Deborah Dulepski 203-576-2388 or if you have any questions regarding copyright or clearing the permissions to use a copyrighted work.

Collection Development Requests

The Wahlstrom Library welcomes collection development requests.

  • To request a one-time purchase, please fill out the material request form.
  • To request a new journal or database subscription, which has an annual cost, please have the appropriate Dean email Deborah Dulepski at or call 203-576-2388.

UB ScholarWorks

UB ScholarWorks is the University of Bridgeport's institutional repository, a service provided to you for the preservation and dissemination of your and your students' publications and scholarly works. This includes article pre-prints, Faculty Research Day posters, conference posters, dissertations and theses, some book chapters, campus newsletters, and a number of other publications and forms of scholarship produced by the various departments at the University of Bridgeport.  UB ScholarWorks provides a place to store and share copies of your scholarly works as allowed by copyright restrictions with your students, other scholars on campus, and scholars outside of UB open access via an internet search.  Login to access works limited to UB access or to archive your own work.

Tell Us

We welcome and appreciate your feedback about Library resources, services, and information literacy. Feel free to use the Tell Us form or send us an email at

Donating Items

The Wahlstrom Library welcomes donations of books and other physical items. The addition of specific items to the collection is contingent upon approval by subject liaison librarians. The Library reserves the right to re-donate any items which do not fit our current collection development policy criteria. For more information or to speak with someone about possible donations, please send an e-mail to