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KeywordCall # range
Education (General)L7-991
History of educationLA5-2396
Theory and practice of educationLB5-3640
Special aspects of educationLC8-6691
Individual educational institutionsLD13-LG961
College and school magazines and papersLH1-9
Student fraternities and societies, United StatesLJ3-165
Textbooks (Covering several subjects)LT6-(1001)

Selected ebook titles

Ebook Central

  • Grahame, Seth, Education in a Competitive and Globalizing World: Science Education in a Rapidly Changing World, 2011.
  • Higgs, J. , Sheehan, D. , Currens, J.B., Civic and Political Education: Schools, Curriculum and Civic Education for Building Democratic Citizens, 2012.
  • Hughes, Nora, Teaching Adult Literacy: A Teacher Education Handbook, 2010.

eBook Collection

  • Mills, Jean, Partnership in the Primary School: Working in Collaboration, 2002.
  • Bradley, Jo., Yates, Chris, Basic Education at a Distance, 2002.
  • Fleckenstein, Kristie, Calendrillo, Linda, Demetrice, A. et al, Language and Image in the Reading-writing Classroom: Teaching Vision, 2002.


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Education databases

NameCategoriesVideo Tutorial
1findr (formerly oaFindr)Accounting, Acupuncture, Agriculture, Audio Visual, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Botanical Medicine, Business, Business English, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Communication, Computer Science, Counseling, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene, Design Management, Dissertations, East Asia, eBooks, Education, Engineering, Environment, ESL, Exercise, Fashion, General, Global Development, Graphic Design, Grey Literature, grey literature, Health Sciences, History, Human Resources, Human Services, Humanities, Industrial Design, Industrial Relations, Interior Design, International Business, International Studies, Knowledge Management, Law, Literature, Management, Marketing, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Laboratory Science, Music, Naturopathic Medicine, News, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physician Assistant, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Affairs, Reference, Science, Social Issues, Sociology, Technology, Technology Management, World Religions
University of Bridgeport Dissertations and ThesesDissertations, EducationVideo Tutorial
Teacher Reference Center*EducationVideo Tutorial
ProQuest Dissertations and ThesesCriminal Justice, Dissertations, East Asia, Education, Global Development, Grey Literature, Health Sciences, International Studies, Technology ManagementVideo Tutorial
Professional Development Collection*Education, Health SciencesVideo Tutorial
Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis-Nexis)Accounting, Business, Business English, Communication, Criminal Justice, East Asia, Education, Global Development, Health Sciences, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, International Business, International Studies, Law, Management, Marketing, News, Reference, Technology ManagementVideo Tutorial
JSTORAccounting, Biology, Communication, Counseling, Creative Writing, Design Management, East Asia, Education, ESL, Fashion, Global Development, Graphic Design, History, Human Services, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Literature, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Medical Laboratory Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, World ReligionsVideo Tutorial
ERIC – Education Resources Information Center (EBSCO)*Education, Grey Literature, Health SciencesVideo Tutorial
Ebook Central (formerly ebrary)Creative Writing, eBooks, Education, Literature, ReferenceVideo Tutorial
Academic Search Premier*Audio Visual, Biology, Business, Counseling, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Design Management, East Asia, Education, ESL, Fashion, Global Development, Graphic Design, History, Human Services, Industrial Design, Interior Design, International Studies, Literature, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Medical Laboratory Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Issues, Sociology, World ReligionsVideo Tutorial
NameCategoriesVideo Tutorial

Selected ejournal titles

  • American Journal of Education – available from 1893 – 2008
  • Comparative education review – available from 1957
  • Higher Education – available from 1997
  • International Journal of Science and Mathematical Education – available from 2003
  • World Journal of Education - available from 2011

Help finding audio/visual...

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Selected Education Videos/DVDs

  • Education of the young child - past, present, and future. Elkind, D. NAEYC. 1987.
  • Lickona on character education. Jim Thompson, J. Quality Educational Media, Inc. c1997.
  • Welcome to my preschool! Communicating with technology. National Center to Improve Practice. Education Development Center. c1996.
  • Helping students of limited English skills in the regular classroom. Rojas, V. Linton Professional Development Corp. c2000.
  • Understanding learning disabilities. Larsen, D. Meridian Educational Corp. 1996.

Selected Education Websites

CT State Department of Education
The Connecticut State Department of Education is the administrative arm of the Connecticut State Board of Education. Through leadership, curriculum, research, planning, evaluation, assessment, data analyses and other assistance, the Department helps to ensure equal opportunity and excellence in education for all Connecticut students.

A nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education by promoting the intelligent use of information technology.

The What Works Clearinghouse was established in 2002 by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to provide educators, policymakers, researchers, and the public with a central and trusted source of scientific evidence of what works in education.

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