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Accounting. BookkeepingHF5601-5689
Accounting. BookkeepingHG1706-1708
Revenue. Taxation. Internal revenueHJ2240-5908
Public accounting. AuditingHJ9701-9940

Selected ebook titles

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  • Carmichael, D.R. & Graham, L., Accountants' Handbook, 2012.
  • Weirich, T.R., Accounting and Auditing Research and Databases: Practitioner's Desk Reference, 2012.


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Accounting databases

NameCategoriesVideo Tutorial
1findr (formerly oaFindr)Accounting, Acupuncture, Agriculture, Audio Visual, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Botanical Medicine, Business, Business English, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Communication, Computer Science, Counseling, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Dental Hygiene, Design Management, Dissertations, East Asia, eBooks, Education, Engineering, Environment, ESL, Exercise, Fashion, General, Global Development, Graphic Design, Grey Literature, grey literature, Health Sciences, History, Human Resources, Human Services, Humanities, Industrial Design, Industrial Relations, Interior Design, International Business, International Studies, Knowledge Management, Law, Literature, Management, Marketing, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Laboratory Science, Music, Naturopathic Medicine, News, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physician Assistant, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Affairs, Reference, Science, Social Issues, Sociology, Technology, Technology Management, World Religions
ScienceDirectAccounting, Acupuncture, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Botanical Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, Computer Science, Counseling, Dental Hygiene, Engineering, Exercise, Health Sciences, Human Services, Knowledge Management, Mathematics, Medical Laboratory Science, Naturopathic Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Psychology, Technology ManagementVideo Tutorial
Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis-Nexis)Accounting, Business, Business English, Communication, Criminal Justice, East Asia, Education, Global Development, Health Sciences, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, International Business, International Studies, Law, Management, Marketing, News, Reference, Technology ManagementVideo Tutorial
JSTORAccounting, Biology, Communication, Counseling, Creative Writing, Design Management, East Asia, Education, ESL, Fashion, Global Development, Graphic Design, History, Human Services, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Literature, Martial Arts, Mathematics, Medical Laboratory Science, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, World ReligionsVideo Tutorial
ABI/INFORM*Accounting, Audio Visual, Business, Business English, Communication, Criminal Justice, Design Management, East Asia, Fashion, Global Development, Health Sciences, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, International Business, International Studies, Knowledge Management, Law, Management, Marketing, News, Political Science, Reference, Technology ManagementVideo Tutorial
NameCategoriesVideo Tutorial

Selected ejournal titles

  • Accounting, Organizations and Society – 1995-present
  • Accounting Review – 1926-2013
  • Auditing – 1992-2012
  • Journal of Accountancy – 1905-present
  • Journal of Accounting Research – 1963-2013
  • Journal of Accounting and Economics - 1995-present

Selected print journal titles

  • CMA: the Management Accounting Magazine
  • CPA Journal
  • Journal of Accountancy
  • Journal of Accounting Research

Selected Accounting Websites

AICPA Online (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

American Accounting Association

Connecticut State Board of Accountancy

DRS (State of Connecticut, Department of Revenue Services)

FASAB (Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board)

FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board)

GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board)

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

IRS (Internal Revenue Service)

PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board)

SEC (U.S. Securities Exchange Commission)

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