Books are great sources of basic, general, background information.

eBooks are digital books that you can read online anytime.

Find ebooks using OneSearch

  • Go to the Library's home page to search the OneSearch box.
  • Type your search terms into the search box and click 'Search'.
  • On the next page, limit your search to item type 'Books'.
  • You will then see a mix of both ebooks and print books.
  • To narrow your search to only digital items with full text access, click 'Available online' under 'Availability' right above your results, or on the left side of the screen. Now your search results will show only ebooks and ebook chapters.
  • To access the ebook, click on 'Full text available' or click on the title.
  • Click the link 'Click for full text.'
  • You will be connected to the full text of the ebook.

Find books in our eBook Databases

You can also search ebook databases directly.

  • Go to the Databases page.
  • Type "ebook" in the search box just above the database list.
  • Choose and ebook database to search.
Try: eBook Central

Current ebook collection from trusted publishers in the academic subject areas of Anthropology, Business & Economics, Computers & IT, Education, Engineering & Technology, Fine Arts, History, Language & Literature, Law, Life Sciences, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Psychology, Religion, and the Social Sciences.

Try: eBook Collection

Collection of ebooks in academic subject areas primarily published prior to 2006.


Print books are located on the 3rd floor of the library.

Find print books using OneSearch

  • Go to the library's home page to search the OneSearch box.
  • Type your search terms into the search box and click 'Search'.
  • Select the 'Books' tab.
  • 'Available in your library' appears under physical items such as print books, print journals, and audio/visual which you can find in the library.
  • To narrow your search to only physical items in the library, click 'Available in the library' under 'Availability' on the left side of the screen. Now your search results will show only print books that you can find in the library.
  • To find the location of the book in the library and check its availability, click 'Holdings list' under the item.
  • 'Status: Not Charged' indicated that the book is checked-in. 'Status: Charged' indicates that the book is checked out and shows the date it is due. 'Status: Lost' indicates that the book has been lost.
  • Write down the full call number of the book to locate it on the 3rd floor. Find the shelf on the third floor where it is located.

Find books by browsing by subject

  • The print book collection is organized by Library of Congress Classification meaning books on a particular subject are located next to each other on the shelves.
  • Find the location of a subject by looking up its call number range. Find call number range for your subject by going to the Library of Congress Classification Outline page.

Find books on shelves using a call number

  • Write the call number down.
    Write down call number
  • Find the shelf on the 3rd floor where the call number for this books would be located. First look for the one or two letter combination at the beginning of the call number. Then find the shelf which contains the numbers after the letter combination.
    Find the correct shelf
  • Now located the book using the rest of the call number. They are organized alphabetically first, and numerically second.
    Find the correct shelf

Check out your book

  • Take the book you wish to check out to the first floor of the library to the self-check out machines.
  • Scan the top barcode on the back of your UB student ID card.
    Back of student ID
  • Follow the prompts and print your receipt.
  • Feel free to ask at the Information Desk if you have any difficulties.
  • Learn about borrowing periods, renewal, and late fees.