After Graduation

Q: What are my options for getting access to full-text journal articles once I've graduated?

A: While the Wahlstrom Library's licenses do not permit us to give electronic resource access to anyone who is not a current student or employee of the University of Bridgeport, there are options for obtaining full text articles, etc., in the community where you will be living after graduation - especially if you are going to be a practicing health science professional. See below for details.

Workplace-related database and journal access

This is, obviously, the best-case scenario - if your workplace has its own institutional licenses and offers access to electronic resources, you should be able to obtain the type of full text resources you need to perform your job duties. if not, or if you are a health science professional who intends to start his or her own practice, read on.

Statewide database access in your community

Some states (though not all) have a State Library or other group which may participate in a consortial buying arrangement whereupon they may offer certain databases/journals free of charge to all state residents who have a valid library card. For example, over time the Wahlstrom Library has had access to several databases offered by the Connecticut State Library.

Check with your home state to see if this service is offered. If so, the information should be available via your local library.

InterLibrary Loan in your community

Every library has the ability to participate in the Interlibrary Loan system - policies, and costs to the patron (if any) will vary. Contact your local library to inquire about their Interlibray Loan policies, and you may be able to use this route to obtain books and journals or articles.

Walk-in site access to other colleges/university's e-resources

While the Wahlstrom Library is not able to offer this sort of access, some colleges and universities will allow people who are not students or employees to walk into the library and access electronic resources while there. If any schools are convenient to you and allow this access, this may be a workable option for you.

Loansome Doc ordering system (Health Sciences)

The Loansome Doc lending system, organized by the National Library of Medicine, is probably the best option for health science professionals who find their medical literature via Pubmed, and who do not have access to full text journal articles via their workplace. This service allows users to order full-text copies of articles from a medical library (local fees and delivery methods may vary). You will have to register to use this service, then choose a library in your home state.

Loansome Doc Homepage

Loansome Doc Factsheet

More links from the NLM about free biomedical literature

Commercial Subscription & Pay-Per-View (PPV) / Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) Services


The DeepDyve company offers a way for consumers to buy access to research articles - with a monthly subscription plan and a pay per view (per article) option. Their website can be found here.

Ingenta Connect

Ingenta offers a Pay-per-View (PPV) service for researchers. Read more about it here.

Other Companies and Publishers

Many Publishers also offer researchers who are not affiliated with an educational institution ways to purchase access to scholarly articles.  Below are listed links to some top publishers and companies who offer PPV purchasing.