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Using My NCBI

About My NCBI

My NCBI retains user information and database preferences, creating a user-friendly, customized search of NCBI databases (such as PubMed).

To use my NCBI, create an account, then make sure you are logged in when you are using PubMed. (The login link is on the page’s top right.)

What’s available on your personal My NCBI page:

A Search NCBI Databases searchbox (Defaults to PubMed)Your My Bibilography area (Save citations, either publically-viewable or private)Your Recent Activity (Temporary listing of your searches)Your Saved Searches areaYour Collections area (Another place to save / organize citations)Your Filters area (Choose filters to use when searching PubMed – e.g.: Wanting to see only human clinical trials)Your SciENcv area (A researcher profile system for all individuals who apply for, receive or are associated with research investments from federal agencies)

How to:

Send results to CollectionsSend results to My BibliographySet up search FiltersSave Searches